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Fees & Payments

Consultation charges for

Mr Simon Marsh
Mr Jason Lee
Miss Tena Walters
Mr Richard Sainsbury

Initial consultation


Routine follow up


Second opinion/ Genetic Initial Consultation


Post Operation / Results follow up


Consultation charges for

Miss Fiona MacNeill

15 minute appointments include: Face to face  consultation + 15-30mins administration

30 minute appointments include: Face to face  consultation + 60-90mins administration

For Insured Patients, please note, your fees may not be fully covered by your Insurance Company.

Initial diagnostic consultation (15 minute appointment)


Routine follow up (15 minute appointment)


Second opinion / Transfer of care (30 minute appointment)


Newly diagnosed cancer 1st appointment (30 minute appointment)


Complex treatment planning (30 minute appointment)


Post Operation / Results (30 minute appointment)


Procedure charges

Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology by Surgeon


Drainage of abscess/Haematoma ex pathology


Core Biopsy by Surgeon


Punch Biopsy by Surgeon





Bilateral Mammogram and Report


Bilateral Mammogram including 3D tomosynthesis views


Unilateral Mammogram and Report


Unilateral Mammogram including 3D tomosynthesis views


Extra Views Mammography


Bilateral Breast Ultrasound and Report


Unilateral Breast Ultrasound and Report


Bilateral Breast & Axilla Ultrasound and Report


Unilateral Breast & Axilla Ultrasound and Report


Aspiration Cytology under Image Control


Cyst drainage under image control ex pathology


Core Biopsy under Image Control


Vacuum Biopsy under Image Control


Additional pathology on malignant core biopsies for receptorstatus/ immunocytochemistry / FSH status as required


Skin Marking / Localisation


Film Comparison and Review


MRI Review


Pathology Review




Oncotype DX


Own accounts

All payments for consultations and treatments for self-paying patients will be taken prior to appointments. Payments can be made online or by telephone.

An indication of consultation and investigation fees can be given in advance of any appointment based upon standard outcomes. These are for guidance only and are not binding.

A letter of guarantee (LOG) is required for all International Insured patients, if this cannot be provided on the day you will be required to pay in full and claim back from your Insurance Company.

Patients without a permanent UK/EU address will receive a medical package (surgeon and anaesthetist) but must pay the hospital directly for its services.

Operations are only confirmed upon full payment of 108 Harley Street invoice.  

Sponsored patient

This includes patients sponsored by embassies, employers or any other third party.

If you are being sponsored by your employer, company or any other third party; please bring along:

  • Letter of Guarantee
  • Proof of address.
  • Previous Imaging
  • Any other documents or reports from your previous doctor

All Embassy patients are required to provide a Letter of guarantee (LOG) 48 hours prior to appointment. It is the patient’s responsibility to ensure this is provided and if a LOG is not received we will unfortunately have to cancel your appointment.

The Letter of Guarantee should outline the following:

  • The consultants name
  • Scope of cover being paid for on your behalf i.e. consultations, surgery, investigation
  • Provide a monetary limit
  • Duration of cover

If this is not provided you will be regarded as a self paying patient and asked to settle the account at the time of treatment. 

Insured patients

All the consultation, investigations and procedures undertaken at 108 Harley Street are routinely covered in full by medical insurers subject to policy terms and conditions, exclusions and excesses.

Please complete your full Insurance details on our registration form including policy number and expiry date of your policy; you may need to call your Insurance Company for full details. You will also need a current valid authorisation number. Unfortunately if these details are not provided you will be required to pay for your appointment and reclaim it from your Insurer.

Your pre-authorisation and membership details, helps us submit the invoices directly to your medical insurers, on your behalf, for the treatment received.

Most medical insurers have moved away from issuing paper claim forms. Instead, they authorise all claims over the telephone and issue you a pre-authorisation number for the claim.  

Should your insurer still require a claim form, it will be completed and signed by the consultant and sent directly to the insurer, unless you advise us otherwise. 

When no insurance information is available, invoices will be sent to the patient to be forwarded to their insurer.

Before you commence your treatment or prior to your initial visit we recommend:

  • You contact your medical insurers to ensure that they will authorise and therefore contribute to your claim
  • Get a referral from another Doctor or Specialist, as this is essential if you are expecting your medical insurer to contribute towards your treatment.

Ensure that you resolve all claim related issues prior to your treatment.

If your medical insurer raises any objection to the referral please contact Clair Linnane, our Practice Manager at 108 Harley Street, as it is always easier to resolve any issues with them in advance of any treatment.

Subsequent visits can usually be made by self-referral as it constitutes on-going management, however you should check that this is acceptable to your medical insurers.

Patients paying for their own treatment can of course self-refer at any time.

To make an appointment simply call 0207 563 1234, Monday to Friday between 7am and 6pm (5.30 pm on Fridays). 

For surgery requiring an inpatient stay at our partner hospital, the patient is provided with a written estimate of both the surgical and anaesthetic fees.

Medical insurers DO NOT all pay the same towards medical fees and not all publish their fee schedules.

We have a standard fee tariff that is charged to all patients irrespective of their insurer.

The patient is advised to contact their insurer prior to admission to check that the policy covers both the hospital and also the contribution towards medical fees.

Patients with non-UK based insurance companies will be asked to settle their accounts at the time of treatment.

A letter of guarantee (LOG) is required for all International Insured patients, if this cannot be provided on the day you will be required to pay in full and claim back from your Insurance Company.

Receipts of the treatment will be provided to enable the claim, to be submitted to their insurer.

Patients are personally responsible for-

  • Any shortfalls that arise for exceeding their annual outpatient benefit limit and on in-patient surgical fees.
  • Settlement of any non-payment arising from exclusions to their policy, or charges not covered by their insurer, such as excesses

Payment is required immediately upon notification of liability.

If for any reason your Insurance Company do not settle your Invoice within 90 days of the date of your appointment we will require full payment from you and it will be your responsibility to deal with your Insurer.

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